Monday, November 05, 2007

Pat Herrity running for Springfield District Supervisor

Remember one of our own is running for Public Office on Tuesday:

"As many of you know I am a long time Suburbs player, officer and old boy. I am running for Springfield
District Supervisor in Fairfax County and Election Day is November 6th.
I am getting down to the wire - 7 days to go. We have a lot of work
that needs to get done this Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday.

If you can help - even if only for a couple of hours - no matter what
hour of the day or night - it would be appreciated. We have something
for everyone - putting up signs, standing in front of grocery stores, or
dropping literature in neighborhoods. Please let me (contact info
below) or my campaign manager Mike Pepe (703-451-5515 or ) know if you can help.

Also if you know anyone that lives in Springfield please remind them to
vote (preferably for me). More information on the campaign can be found
at ."


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