Monday, January 21, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

The annual banquet wil be held Friday Feb 8 at PJ Skidoos starting at 7pm.
Price will be $45 per person.
This will include hors d'oeuvres , bread, salad, entree with side, dessert (chocolate mousse)
and 1 keg to start.
Entrees to choose from are:
1.) stuffed (mushrooms, spinach and cheese) chicken breast in dill sauce with rice.
2.) prime rib au jous with baked potato.
3.) stuffed flounder w/crabmeat and vegetable medley.
There will be a cash bar as follows:
$5.50 house drink
$3.75 domestic beer
$4.50 imported beer
$4.50 house wine
$5.50 premium wine.
The agenda is 7-8 happy hour, 8-? dinner, awards, raffle, etc.
and then music and whatever until whenever (midnight).
Head count and menu choices will be handled thru Elvis via e-mail at
Cut-off for reservations is Feb 4 or contact Bushy via email at
Let's have a big turn out!
Attire - jacket and tie until after dinner.
Skiddoos asks that we park beside and behind the Regency furniture store.
There is a separate entrance to the downstairs banquet room.
from VP Bryan Siltanen:
Need some help setting up the banquet.
Let's do it up right, with class, and recognize all who have worked to make
our season a success (coach, wives, GFs, Steve, etc.).
Drop me a line if you want to help.
Guinness-Powered Bryan
from Jon Carter:
Gents - I am looking into doing a little Pick-Em pool for the upcoming 6 Nations Matches.
Basically you pick the winner of each match and assign a confidence value.
Cost to play is $10 - Winner take all.
Matches Start Sat. Feb. 2 so all $$$ & Entries will be due by Friday Feb. 1.
If you are interested please email me and I will get you all the info/ details.
Below is what is on tap for the Spring.
As you can see, there is a lot of ambiguity in what
we have, but it all depends on how we do in the play-offs.
02/09 *tentative* 1st 15s practice
03/01 open
03/08 Virginia RFC Away
03/15 Savannah Away (duh)
03/22 bye - Easter weekend
03/29 VA Beach RFC Home
04/05 NoVa Away
04/12 Old Gaelic Play offs away (A&B)
04/19 Harrisburg Play offs round 2 Away
04/26 open (Possibly Alumni)
05/03 Japanese/ NYC Away
05/10 (Possibly Alumni)
The Old Boys are going to Savannah, GA on 3/15 (St. Patty's day) weekend.
Any young'ins that want to play are welcome!
Also, if you're going to be around locally that weekend Kermit
needs to know NOW if you want a local match in the DC area to be scheduled.
Contact Kermit at
The map below describes a soccer-sized field near Fred J. Panzer's house.
These directions are a little easier to understand:
1. from Centreville, take Rt. 28 South to Rt. 29 North.
2. take a right on Pickwick Road (at O'Toole's Restaurant).
3. Go straight thru light over Braddock Road.
4. Continue thru a neighborhood -- you'll now be on Little Rocky Run Circle.
5. at stop sign go straight.
6. take immediate right into community center parking lot (or better yet, park
along the road).
7. follow pavement footpath at far end of parking lot thru woods until get to
New Braddock Road.
8. You want to walk across New Braddock Road (you can hear the traffic from the
rec center parking lot) and head to your right a little.
Look for a trail in the grass (NOT a pavement footpath) along the tree line that
leads to the pitch, which is located under those high powe r lin e s.
It's about a quarter-mile walk. The walk and playing Frogger with the traffic is
a part of the whole practice experience.
9. This is an HOA field and we need to respect the community.
We want you all to chime in, come out, play,
and pass on your years of rugby knowledge.
Some administrative notes:
1. if you need real-time info, always check the message board
( and the "what's new"
sections of the team website at
2. if you can't get access to the message board, email Kermit at asking for permission.
3. DO NOT send emails to this address ( if you need immediate
information because it is not monitored on a regular basis.


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