Friday, February 29, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

29 Feb 2008 --- HAPPY LEAP DAY!

Practice tomorrow, Saturday, March 1, from 10:00 Am - noonish, at "The Panzer Pitch".

Please bring both a light AND a dark-colored jersey for the scrimmage.

Contact Coach Kris at if you're going to be missing practice.

Directions to the "Panzer Pitch":
The map below describes a soccer-sized field near Fred J. Panzer's house.
These directions are a little easier to understand:
1. from Centreville, take Rt. 28 South to Rt. 29 North.
2. take a right on Pickwick Road (at O'Toole's Restaurant).
3. Go straight thru light over Braddock Road.
4. Continue thru a neighborhood -- you'll now be on Little Rocky Run Circle.
5. at stop sign go straight.
6. take immediate right into community center parking lot (or better yet, park along the road).
7. follow pavement footpath at far end of parking lot thru woods until get to New Braddock Road.
8. You want to walk across New Braddock Road (you can hear the traffic from the rec center parking lot) and head to your right a little.
Look for a trail in the grass (NOT a pavement footpath) along the tree line that leads to the pitch, which is located under those high power lines.
It's about a quarter-mile walk. The walk and playing Frogger with the traffic is a part of the whole practice experience.
9. This is an HOA field and we need to respect the community.

From Coach Kris:
1. Thank you everybody that makes an effort to get to practice and works hard to make our club better. It will pay off when we need it most.
2. It is very important, that everybody CIPPs themselves and pay dues.
3. It is very important, that everybody buys BLACK SHORTS and BLACK SOCKS.

Please come out on Saturday, we are going to scrimmage and nobody's spot in the A side is booked.
This will be the first round of trials, PLEASE BE THERE.
Thank you,

WSRFC Old Boys will have their first match of the season on 8 March 2008 in Charlottesville, VA versus a combined UVA Old Boys / Virginia Gentlemen Old Boys side.
The match will be the second in a rugby extravaganza pitting two MARFU playoff qualifying teams - Virginia RFC of the VRU and Western Suburbs RFC of the PRU - against each other. The order of play will be Club A-side, followed by Old Boys, then Club B-side.
Everyone who makes the trip WILL PLAY. There will be ample opportunities in the Old Boys match, and there may be additional opportunity at some positions to get some time for the Club Bs.
Again, EVERYONE WILL PLAY - it will be Old Boys' rules: short periods with liberal substitutions.
Let's get this thing going!!!
Everyone is invited to get a run in and support Coach Swart (one of our own WSRFCOBs) and the club in its practice session this last Saturday before the season at 1000 at Panzer Pitch in Centreville, and Tuesd ay and Thursday nights throughout the season at Poplar Tree Part (a lighted, turf field off of Stringfellow Road). Fitness and fundamentals are being stressed as we prepare ourselves and the club sides for a successful spring.
Watch the message board for events, times, and directions. See you on the pitch!

Some of you have been asking about this:

2008 MARFU Division III Playoffs:

1. EPRU #1 (Old Gaelic)
2. EPRU #2 (Jersey Shore)
3. VRU #1 (Virginia)
4. PRU #1 (West Potomac)
5. EPRU #3 (Harrisburg)
6. EPRU #4 (Second City Troop)
7. VRU #2 (Blacksburg)
8. PRU #2 (Western Suburbs)

April 12 - Quarterfinals; first team listed is home team
Game 1 #1 (Old Gaelic) v #8 (Western Suburbs)
Game 2 #2 (Jersey Shore) v #7 (Blacksburg)
Game 3 #3 (Virginia) v #6 (Second City Troop)
Game 4 #4 (West Potomac) v #5 (Harrisburg)

April 19-20 - Location: Harrisburg RFC - Semi-finals
Winner of Game 1 v Winner of Game 4
Winner of Game 2 v Winner of Game 3

Notice concerning Selections & Dues:
From Prez Bushy:
1. Coach Kris asked me to post that practice attendance is a key component for him when considering players for selection. To paraphrase his words, I hope there is nobody out there who thinks he can just show up and walk on the A-side, it isn't going to happen. In case you haven't noticed, he is recording attendance.

2. From the exec and field officers, dues are a key component on general principle. As said at the annual meeting, last spring we set a hard deadline and there were few issues, in the fall we had a soft deadline and half the D3 champ game starters didn't pay until the last game day! Before this practice season started we set next Tues 3/4/08 as the deadline. We will push this to Thurs 3/6 which is the last practice day before the first game. Everyone is expected to pay up by then with few e xceptions. For those of you who need some extra time, please talk to us. We understand that there may be some issues for some people but they should be few as everyone seems to have beer money!! Dues are $85 for spring season if you CIPP yourself. For the guys who are new to rugby, dues are $35 if you CIPP yourself. You can also pay dues via Paypal. WSRFC PayPal address for dues: We will be providing the selectors with a list of who has paid. For more info, there is a link on the website - see Club Dues and CIPP.

3. CIPP-this issue is paramount. A player simply cannot play under the umbrella of USA Rugby for anyone anywhere unless they are CIPP'd. We are asking each player to CIPP themselves this year. Again, there is a link on the website - see Club Dues and CIPP. It is not h ard, believe me, if I can do it, you can do it!

Please take care of these things so the officers and selectors can forget about them and move on to better things!
Thank you!-Bushy


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