Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

2 September 2008


We will be playing against NORTH BAY RFC at Demarco Park in Aberdeen starting at 1:00. They will definitely have a B side.

Directions to DeMarco Park in Aberdeen:
Off Interstate 95, Exit 85 (Aberdeen, Route 22).
Head East on Route 22 towards Aberdeen.
Left at first stoplight (Beard's Hill Road).
Enter Beard's Hill Shopping Plaza through the 2nd entrance on right.
Head straight back towards Home Depot.
Go right, and follow road around the back of Home Depot.
Continue to the gravel road on the right, follow gravel road to the parking lot for DeMarco Park.

However, there is currently a heavy rain forecast for Saturday, so stay tuned...

PAY YOUR DUES!!!    $100 -AND- you must CIPP register yourself.
Dues for Social affiliation and new players to rugby (not new to Suburbs but new to the game of rugby) are $50 plus CIPP registration. Please CIPP yourself ASAP - like today... There is a link on the website - see Club Dues and CIPP.

Also, the deadline for dues is today Tuesday Sept 2!

Come to practice!!! Tuesday practices are held at the turf field at Poplar Tree Park from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm, but Thursday practices are held at the "Panzer Pitch" at 6:30 pm. Directions to both locations can be found here.

from former Suburber Buzz McClain: "Leslie and I are having a big anniversary party on Sept. 13 at 7. We need a few guys to help the caterer get food and beverages from the house to the big tent, to help park cars and with clean up afterward. In exchange, we'll make a donation to the team's general fund, commensurate with the number of bodies and effort (you won't be disappointed). Dress is slacks and Hawaiian shirt, which is easy to change into after the game at Lough Field. Five sober-ish guys is plenty, and they get food and beverages. Let me know if there are any takers. We did this before a few years ago and it worked out great for all. The guys can get in touch with me directly for times and directions. Buzz McClain".

Basically, this is a great way to crash what will undoubtedly be a great party. The expections are carte blanche for mingling! Club guys, please step up.

OLD BOYS: Our 1st match of fall is Saturday, 9/13. Get out when you can to the young'ins practices, bang some rust off, and get ready - we want to make a good showing for the first match of the season. We will field an Old Boys side against Suburbs B's (to get them some playing time and get us some time playing together).

Also, we will play the Geese at Lough field on 10/4 after the Suburbs/Warrenton A side match. Remaining schedule will include the Poltroons and the mini tournament at a minimum. Contact O.D. for more info.


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