Thursday, October 30, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

30 October 2008

from Cap'n Tim Bucher:
All, be at Panzer Pitch at 9:30 am Saturday morning.

We will be scrimmaging so we need as many people out as possible. Playoffs are only a week away and we need to get a good run in Saturday followed up by a solid week of practice. Call your buddies and make your best effort to be out the rest of the season.

Directions to Panzer Pitch can be found here.

Directions to the "Panzer Pitch":
The map below describes a soccer-sized field near Fred J. Panzer's house.
These directions are a little easier to understand:
1. from Centreville, take Rt. 28 South to Rt. 29 North.
2. take a right on Pickwick Road (at O'Toole's Restaurant).
3. Go straight thru light over Braddock Road.
4. Continue thru a neighborhood -- you'll now be on Little Rocky Run Circle.
5. at stop sign go straight.
6. take immediate right into community center parking lot (or better yet, park along the road).
7. follow pavement footpath at far end of parking lot thru woods until get to New Braddock Road.
8. You want to walk across New Braddock Road (you can hear the traffic from the rec center parking lot) and head to your right a little.
Look for a trail in the grass (NOT a pavement footpath) along the tree line that leads to the pitch, which is located under those high power lines.
It's about a quarter-mile walk. The walk and playing Frogger with the traffic is a part of the whole practice experience.
9. This is an HOA field and we need to respect the community.


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