Friday, September 19, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

19 September 2008

We are meeting to carpool from Kilroy's Sports Bar tomorrow morning at 9:30 am with departure at 10.

Kilroy's is located at:
Ravensworth Shopping Center
5250-A Port Royal Rd.
Springfield Virginia 22151
Phone: 703-321-7733

Pay your dues and CIPP if you haven't!!!

from Prez Bushy: "We can barely put a team together with who has paid dues. Next week's opponent (Pax River) is historically very weak, so I am all for enforcing this list next week with no exceptions and let the chips fall where they may."


18 September 2008

For Saturday's match we now will be playing AWAY versus Rappahannock RFC.

1PM kickoff. B-side 7s if we have numbers.

10800 Academy Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408
To get there from Rt. 95, take the exit at Massaponix, then Rt. 1 north until you hit Mine Rd.
Take a right on Mine Rd., then a left on Falcon Dr. after about a quarter mile or so.
When you get to Falcon Dr., the school will be on your left and the fields are on the right.
We are on the lower field, furthest from the street.

If you are coming down Rt. 1 south, just take Mine Road left, then another left onto Falcon Dr.
Mine Rd. should be your first left after Lafeyette.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! from Pete Murray, former 'Burber and current Rapp RFC player:
"We can't have anyone bring alcohol to the pitch or even break it out in the parking lot after the match. You know how hard it is to get quality pitches to practice on and to play matches on and through dumb luck we got this one on a golden platter and it should be one of the best pitches (as in condition and surface) to play on in the area, so we don't want to piss anyone off at this school. Furthermore this could be the start of a relationship on which we can start building a U-19 program and having dudes breaking out beer on the property would not help. Please pass on the message no alcohol at the pitch to all the guys, young and old. Lastly the post match drink up is about 1/2 mile, if that, away so everyone should be able to hold out.

17 September 2008

Congrats to the A-side for victory in our first MATRIX match of the season, 61-5 over Winchester RFC!

This coming Saturday, September 20, we take on Rappahannock RFC. This match is supposed to be an away game, but this is likely to change to be a home match at our pitch since Rappahannock is having field acquisition issues. STAY TUNED.

   Why this pic? just because ... it's peaceful...


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