Friday, November 14, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

14 November 2008


We host Warrenton RFC tomorrow for the PRU Division III championship!!!

1 pm, Lough field, Lovettsville, VA.

Coach Kris Swart wants ALL PLAYERS AT THE PITCH BY 10:30 AM!

If you have a scheduling conflict and absolutely cannot be there by 10:30 am you MUST inform Coach Kris via email at

There will be a B-side match.

Don't forget to bring AT LEAST 2 non-perishable foods to donate to Rhonda's foodbank!

Also, since it's the end of the season, from Prez Bushy: "Anyone with outstanding expenses please try to submit r eceipts with Ryan this weekend."

from O.D. concerning Sunday's Old Boys mini-tournament:
The time has now been confirmed for the Sunday Mini-Tournament with Matt Downs of the Geese - NOON - Geese, PAX River FOG, OFIT (French), and SOBs, minimally, maybe the 'troons or whoresman in blue shirts with yellow stripes ... it should be a good day with lots of opportunity for everyone to get time in."

Directions to Gosling Park at Warner's Farm:
Jonathon Warner's farm is about 25 minutes south of Frederick on Rt-85/Rt-28 in Dickerson, MD. It's always a good idea to MapQuest or Google map new places for directions, the actual street address is: - 20500 Martinsburg Road, Dickerson, MD 20842.

The house can be tricky to find if you are easily distracted by the lovely countryside - watch your distances and look for the gate with a rugby ball on the post. The pitch is behind the house so go past the house and turn at the gate with the rugby ball on the post, driv e to the left of a mall barn/shed and park in the field.


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