Friday, September 26, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

26 September 2008

A decision was made to cancel practice yesterday based on the weather at the time (4:30), the forecast for continuing rain and the abnormal number of people who conveyed that they could not attend.

Of course, the rain let up at practice time making us look bad. I am told 11 people showed up. We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced.

11:45 am tomorrow morning is the final cut off for payment or arrangements if you have not paid and want to be eligible for A-side - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Look for Ryan Findley or Bushy at Lough Field. The selectors will be given a dues list today to base selections on.

This is falling into the BS category at this point. Practice started 8 weeks ago.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

25 September 2008

Yes, rain is in the forecast but tonight's practice is still "on" at the "Panzer Pitch" at 6:30 pm. Directions can be found here.

Saturday's match versus Patuxent River RFC will be played at 1 pm at our home pitch Lough field in Lovettesville, VA . We need a field setup crew at 10:30 am, and players need to be dressed and ready to play no later than noon.

There will be a "B" side match to follow.

forwarded by O.D. from Crane Screenings:

"The rugby movie Forever Strong is about to hit select theaters in the United States on Friday. This movie is a huge step forward in creating awareness for rugby in America and so far, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response. But this week, we have a HUGE challenge before us. The studios in Hollywood have threatened to pull this film nationally after one week if we don't have a GREAT opening weekend. They don't believe that rugby has a big enough audience to make this film profitable. Your help is very much wanted and needed. This is our call to action: PLEASE continue to support this movie by ATTENDING THIS WEEKEND (September 26-28). Take friends. Blog about it. Plan a group activity with your team or school. If we do well this weekend we will be expanding the release into more theaters in more parts of the country. Help us bring this film to more markets, and make it a success."


Monday, September 22, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

22 September 2008

Congrats to the A-side for victory in our second MATRIX match of the season, 61-10 over Rappahannock RFC!



Dues are $100 for regular members, $50 for Social affiliation and new players to rugby (not new to Suburbs but new to the game of rugby). Also you must CIPP-register yourself ($35) - see Club Dues and CIPP.

Tuesday practices are held at the turf field at Poplar Tree Park from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm, and Thursday practices are held at the "Panzer Pitch" at 6:30 pm. Directions to both locations can be found here.

ATTENTION OLD BOYS! We have our next match on Saturday 10/4 against the Wild Geese. The match will occur between club As and Bs games versus Warrenton - we will need EVERYONE! The Geese travel deep and play good ball together. The Saturday schedule may diminish their numbers a bit, but they will certainly bring us all we can handle if we don't show up en masse! Let's put one on for the club side to see how the Old Boys do it... it should be a great day.

Our third MATRIX match of the season is this Saturday, September 27 at our home pitch Lough field in Lovettesville, VA versus Patuxent River RFC.

from Matt Reider: "Hey team, I know I'm just a slacker 2nd teamer, but enough of you have seen my pregnant wife over the last year to care about this interesting bit of info: Our first child, Stephen Ahn Reider was born Monday, September 15th at 4pm, and was a mere 8 lbs. 4 ounces and 21" long.

Mom and baby are doing fine and at home recovering with the help of grandma. I'll be out to practice as soon as I can, but I don't want to be asleep on my feet with Panzer or someone running at me.

Photos are available here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

19 September 2008

We are meeting to carpool from Kilroy's Sports Bar tomorrow morning at 9:30 am with departure at 10.

Kilroy's is located at:
Ravensworth Shopping Center
5250-A Port Royal Rd.
Springfield Virginia 22151
Phone: 703-321-7733

Pay your dues and CIPP if you haven't!!!

from Prez Bushy: "We can barely put a team together with who has paid dues. Next week's opponent (Pax River) is historically very weak, so I am all for enforcing this list next week with no exceptions and let the chips fall where they may."


18 September 2008

For Saturday's match we now will be playing AWAY versus Rappahannock RFC.

1PM kickoff. B-side 7s if we have numbers.

10800 Academy Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408
To get there from Rt. 95, take the exit at Massaponix, then Rt. 1 north until you hit Mine Rd.
Take a right on Mine Rd., then a left on Falcon Dr. after about a quarter mile or so.
When you get to Falcon Dr., the school will be on your left and the fields are on the right.
We are on the lower field, furthest from the street.

If you are coming down Rt. 1 south, just take Mine Road left, then another left onto Falcon Dr.
Mine Rd. should be your first left after Lafeyette.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! from Pete Murray, former 'Burber and current Rapp RFC player:
"We can't have anyone bring alcohol to the pitch or even break it out in the parking lot after the match. You know how hard it is to get quality pitches to practice on and to play matches on and through dumb luck we got this one on a golden platter and it should be one of the best pitches (as in condition and surface) to play on in the area, so we don't want to piss anyone off at this school. Furthermore this could be the start of a relationship on which we can start building a U-19 program and having dudes breaking out beer on the property would not help. Please pass on the message no alcohol at the pitch to all the guys, young and old. Lastly the post match drink up is about 1/2 mile, if that, away so everyone should be able to hold out.

17 September 2008

Congrats to the A-side for victory in our first MATRIX match of the season, 61-5 over Winchester RFC!

This coming Saturday, September 20, we take on Rappahannock RFC. This match is supposed to be an away game, but this is likely to change to be a home match at our pitch since Rappahannock is having field acquisition issues. STAY TUNED.

   Why this pic? just because ... it's peaceful...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

11 September 2008

Our first MATRIX match of the season is this Saturday, September 13 at our home pitch Lough field in Lovettesville, VA versus Winchester RFC.

Let's kick the season off right with a resounding victory!!!

A-side match kicks off at 1 pm. There will be a B-side match as well to follow.


Also, we need volunteers for a field setup crew to begin work at 10:30 am ...


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

6 September 2008



Have a good weekend...Practices continue next Tuesday in preparation for our first MATRIX match of the season next weekend at home versus Winchester RFC.

It is paramount that everyone come to practice since we haven't had a tune-up match. Also, REGISTER FOR CIPP.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

September 2008

   Wet Rugby Weekend Forecast

For tomorrow's match, weather forecast is for 40 mph winds and heavy rains with flash flooding starting tomorrow morning.

We contacted North Bay yesterday. They are planning to go forward with this match and said it would take a lot to cancel the game.

Everyone who wants a text message update in the AM please send Kermit their phone #s, even if they think he already has it. (text msg Kermit at 703-626-8148.)

We will contact everyone via text message, & thru the message board, & website, and Elvis will email by 9 am tomorrow if not sooner.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Western Suburbs RFC Today

2 September 2008


We will be playing against NORTH BAY RFC at Demarco Park in Aberdeen starting at 1:00. They will definitely have a B side.

Directions to DeMarco Park in Aberdeen:
Off Interstate 95, Exit 85 (Aberdeen, Route 22).
Head East on Route 22 towards Aberdeen.
Left at first stoplight (Beard's Hill Road).
Enter Beard's Hill Shopping Plaza through the 2nd entrance on right.
Head straight back towards Home Depot.
Go right, and follow road around the back of Home Depot.
Continue to the gravel road on the right, follow gravel road to the parking lot for DeMarco Park.

However, there is currently a heavy rain forecast for Saturday, so stay tuned...

PAY YOUR DUES!!!    $100 -AND- you must CIPP register yourself.
Dues for Social affiliation and new players to rugby (not new to Suburbs but new to the game of rugby) are $50 plus CIPP registration. Please CIPP yourself ASAP - like today... There is a link on the website - see Club Dues and CIPP.

Also, the deadline for dues is today Tuesday Sept 2!

Come to practice!!! Tuesday practices are held at the turf field at Poplar Tree Park from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm, but Thursday practices are held at the "Panzer Pitch" at 6:30 pm. Directions to both locations can be found here.

from former Suburber Buzz McClain: "Leslie and I are having a big anniversary party on Sept. 13 at 7. We need a few guys to help the caterer get food and beverages from the house to the big tent, to help park cars and with clean up afterward. In exchange, we'll make a donation to the team's general fund, commensurate with the number of bodies and effort (you won't be disappointed). Dress is slacks and Hawaiian shirt, which is easy to change into after the game at Lough Field. Five sober-ish guys is plenty, and they get food and beverages. Let me know if there are any takers. We did this before a few years ago and it worked out great for all. The guys can get in touch with me directly for times and directions. Buzz McClain".

Basically, this is a great way to crash what will undoubtedly be a great party. The expections are carte blanche for mingling! Club guys, please step up.

OLD BOYS: Our 1st match of fall is Saturday, 9/13. Get out when you can to the young'ins practices, bang some rust off, and get ready - we want to make a good showing for the first match of the season. We will field an Old Boys side against Suburbs B's (to get them some playing time and get us some time playing together).

Also, we will play the Geese at Lough field on 10/4 after the Suburbs/Warrenton A side match. Remaining schedule will include the Poltroons and the mini tournament at a minimum. Contact O.D. for more info.